When life gives you iodine, you write your name.

Today was Gracie’s birthday. For her birthday she had some special friends over and they gave her this really neat knife they found from a 2nd hand store. It was really cool! So later on in the day, Gracie comes up to me and says:

Mom, I have tried the best I can but I cant seem to get my finger to stop bleeding.

That surprised me. She had been bleeding through bandages, apparently, but I never knew she cut herself in the first place. I look at it and all I could say was, “Gracie- that needs stitches. Bandaids wont stop that from bleeding.”
So off to the ER we went, posse in tow. This is how it went:


IMG_2108 IMG_2115

968873_10151628631086211_1557308659_n IMG_2116 IMG_2117



“What’s with all this giggling back here? This is an ER, a place for wailing and gnashing of teeth- not happiness!”




No, this is not blood- this is iodine.


When the doctors came in, they looked at the iodine written name and said, “Oh what happened here?”

“Sorry I spilled a little….”



The stylish retro colors of the OHSU ER.

IMG_2136 IMG_2138

The verdict? “this was the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY I’ve ever been to!” Gracie’s friends said.

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