Emergency backup plan for a planned hospital birth

I’m almost 27 weeks along now with the pregnancy of my 8th baby, and I have my bags almost 80% ready to go. I find myself drifting off in thought of what I’m leaving out- what am I missing? But I’m sure when I do go into labor, I will not be lacking in anything.

I have had some wonderful and not so wonderful births. My last birth was quite traumatic for me, albeit nothing as bad as many have had it, but still enough to make me want something better. Not being forced to be monitored for 20 min whilst in full blown labor, digging around for a vein to get the IV line in or constant checking of my cervix to see if I am ‘there’ yet. But knowing that we are not planning on a home birth this time due to lack of a home birth midwife- we are ultimately planning on labor ing as long as I can at home and then heading to the hospita for a water birth.

My labor with my 6th was fast as was transition. knowing what it took between my water breaking and her arrival was nothing short of 5 minutes- I fully plan to for an unexpected birth somewhere other than the hospital room.

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