The Last Primer

Zesser Spray PrimerWe had to pick up some lumber from Lowes for some of my projects the other day and I realized I was all out of spray primer. I loved this stuff. It was a tall can of Zinsser primer and it was smooth and coated so evenly! I had one drawer facia left as well as some inside bits of the dresser I was renovating to do. I must have walked up and down the aisles 20 times searching front and back but it was nowhere to be found. They were all there the other day!

An associate came up and asked if I needed something and I explained to her this primer would complete my job but I couldn’t find them.
Hmm, that must be a popular primer because I sold about 3 of them just the other day…” she replied to me but inventories only showed 1 in stock. That could be anywhere in the whole Lowes Universe! I explained that there were a few blogs online that recommended using it and it’s understandable it would be popular. All at once her face lit up. “Oh.. you said blog… wait a minute. About 3 weeks ago I read something on a blog and put this aside for a project and forgot about it. Follow me!” she said and we hurried over to her counter where- there, in shiny glory- was my Zinsser primer.
It was a Goduance.” I explained. “God was just having you put that aside for me knowing I had this project to finish in the future.” *wink*

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