The Barn


When we moved into our Gaston house, we had high hopes for turning around the existing barn and making it workable. It was basicly a run-down storage shed that had once been used (although improperly) as a barn. It was poorly made, leaning, wiring was Jerry-rigged into something hazardous, and the owners who once used it for livestock never cleaned out the manure. Okay they may have… at one point… but we wouldn’t know from looking at the 3 feet of it stored in the back stall. It was not only gross, but it was eating away at the walls and beams so we had to replace those. The tractor had to go away for servicing and we knew we had to start on fixing things up to prepare for our own livestock if we were going to have anything this year.


My husband got to work prying off the boards that were rotten on the side so that we could fix up one of the stalls to use, at least. The rubber mats were covered in dirt, too.


We worked until sunset- and things started coming together! We still have a lot of work to do to tackle the berry vines on the back and side as well as de-mossing the roof and fixing the leaks (probably from the moss). We haven’t had a break in the weather and from sickness long enough to do this yet, but I’ll post pictures when we do!

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