Coffee House Kitchen

There is one thing I have to say I really need every day, and that is coffee. The sweet boldness of it- the creaminess and energy giving fluid filling my mouth is absolutely something I crave first thing. I can safely say I’m a true coffee addict and believe it or not, that isn’t a bad thing. I am perpetually battling the ‘dark-side’ of ADHD, and coffee is my management of that! It also has many benefits such as it reduces your risk of developing diabetes, it’s high in antioxidants, and a whole other bunch of fun statistics.

The rustic coffee house look is home to me, and lucky me! My living room/ kitchen dining too. Area is very much accommodating to that style.

I have a long, black counter bar that seats 8 and a buffet in the dining room I designated my coffee area. Unfortunately the bar tends to collect daily living clutter be it mail or dishes or random things picked up off the floor or taken away from babies. Today I’m organizing everything into my glorious coffee house feeling!

I will update you as my progress goes since this is, after all, my accountability post! My plan is this:

– Start up and work my way down. First I clean the ceiling areas in the kitchen and degrease them as well as the top of the cabinets. I have a nifty little trick here for keeping the space at the top of cabinets clean as well as helping to brighten that dark space!

– Going to try and achieve that rustic homey glow at the top of the cabinets with decorations of wood, burlap, and DIY picture scene, as well as antique coffee and cooking ware. You can see some great ideas here.

– Replacing the bulbs of the lights over the bar to brighter ones.

– cleaning off and decorating the bar for that coffee shop feel!

Here are a few inspirational favorites!

Cafe Calabaria San Diego CA

Cafe Calabaria San Diego CA

Highland Coffee House in Cincinnati

Highland Coffee House in Cincinnati

Highland Coffee House in Cincinnati

Cafe Federal, AUS

Love this! Illy Coffee

Love the Banner! Insurance Coffee

There are a lot of ideas out there for rustic coffee shop feels!

Designing with Burlap

Burlap Window ValanceSo, I have been working all year on my window treatments. My mom has connections with a coffee roaster, so she gets burlap coffee sacks for free. I really love them, but the stiffness in them makes it a tad tedious to work with.
I had some great ideas for curtains and so I hung up a few mangled hunks of sacks tied with some ribbons of burlap, got bored, and literally left it there.
For a year.
Okay, so it’s time to fix the mess that was my dining room window treatments and I saw a wonderful example of a burlap window valance here.. I have since done the left side also and it looks lovely!
All I did was spray a little bit of ironing starch on the bags and iron so that they layed very flat and stiff.
Then I measured how wide I wanted it to be,  traced out the shape I wanted on the bottom of the sack folded in half and cut. I really didn’t like the amount of light let in with only one side of the burlap sack because of how wide the mesh was of the fabric. I highly suggest using the whole sack instead of only one side. I then sewed the top to allow room for the rod to go through.
I searched for a cute monogrammed letter ‘M’ online, blew it up as large as I wanted and printed it out. Then I put the paper with the monogram underneath the top layer and, with my white acrylic paint, traced over the letter with a paintbrush.

My coffee sacks vary in thread space width, but these sacks had very large gaps inbetween each thread. It did take a few going overs with the paint but they look beautiful! I may update this later and add the lace to the bottom, but for now it isn’t too ‘girly’ for my 4 boys and husband (or my tomb-boy daughter) so I worry they may complain if I do!

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