Designing with Burlap

Burlap Window ValanceSo, I have been working all year on my window treatments. My mom has connections with a coffee roaster, so she gets burlap coffee sacks for free. I really love them, but the stiffness in them makes it a tad tedious to work with.
I had some great ideas for curtains and so I hung up a few mangled hunks of sacks tied with some ribbons of burlap, got bored, and literally left it there.
For a year.
Okay, so it’s time to fix the mess that was my dining room window treatments and I saw a wonderful example of a burlap window valance here.. I have since done the left side also and it looks lovely!
All I did was spray a little bit of ironing starch on the bags and iron so that they layed very flat and stiff.
Then I measured how wide I wanted it to be,  traced out the shape I wanted on the bottom of the sack folded in half and cut. I really didn’t like the amount of light let in with only one side of the burlap sack because of how wide the mesh was of the fabric. I highly suggest using the whole sack instead of only one side. I then sewed the top to allow room for the rod to go through.
I searched for a cute monogrammed letter ‘M’ online, blew it up as large as I wanted and printed it out. Then I put the paper with the monogram underneath the top layer and, with my white acrylic paint, traced over the letter with a paintbrush.

My coffee sacks vary in thread space width, but these sacks had very large gaps inbetween each thread. It did take a few going overs with the paint but they look beautiful! I may update this later and add the lace to the bottom, but for now it isn’t too ‘girly’ for my 4 boys and husband (or my tomb-boy daughter) so I worry they may complain if I do!

In The Beginning….

Jynesis 1:1
“In the beginning, Jyn made several blogs before she realized she needed to make another…”
Okay so this website has had many facelifts. Originally I just wanted to secure the name. Then I decided I needed to utilize it and made it a photography go-to page to link to alllllll my other places.
Today- it becomes *ta-dah!* my blog of creations, crafts, how-to’s, inspirations, and I think you get the point.

I had one that was filling that gap somewhat that kind of disappeared on my main site. I say it was hacked- they say it was a plugin error. Either way, it must have been meant to be, because here we are.

As we start a new school year, I hope to document some of my projects, share my inspirations, and connect with those of you who like to do the same! Happy reading!


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