Fun Things To Do On A Date

A couple of things to consider doing on date with your husband, if you are anything like me:
1.) Start leaking saline out your eyes glancing at the small child at the table next to yours, remembering when yours were that small. Then proceed to teeder on the verge of bawling when your husband does his best impression of the first ‘cooing’ your eldest made as a baby. Is my mascara running, honey?

2.) Split a meal of a full rack of the BEST BBQ Beef ribs ever with your husband and then proceed to sneak over to tip off the other tables that it’s $15 cheaper to do it that way and you get the SAME amount of food. Have to spread the love!

3.) Smile at the people walking into the bathroom as you toothpick the hunks of meat out of your teeth at the sink. Wipe any stragglers off with a wet paper towel. Hey, it’s better than doing it at your table!

4.) Go into multiple name brand stores with your sweetheart looking for perfume, walking around with a few dozen perfume paper tabs in both hands. You can use them as trading cards, later.

5.) Force your husband to try on every hat in Banana Republic because they are fun and laugh as he adds an accent for each one.

6.) Have fun watching the blood drain out of people’s faces as you tell them you both have 8 kids. (My personal favorite)

7.) Drink 4 cups of strong coffee at various places. It helps to break down those ribs you ate earlier.

8.) Troubleshoot conflicts at home remotely on the phone with your babysitting elders using power terms like ‘Treats‘ and ‘Best Behavior” and ‘Grounded Forever‘.

9.) Discuss lots of things you normally cant talk about with your husband because 3 words are way too many to say in a row without an interruption while at home.

10.) Bring home leftover ribs (yes, there were leftovers!) for the winning babysitting child who endured the torture of other siblings for the evening on behalf of grateful parents.

Aren’t date nights, fun?



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