I love my little plot of land at my new home! I have so many dreams of what kind of garden it’s going to be. I have already taken cuttings from my mature Lavender plant praying they take so I can have lots of lavender. I planted all my herbs and started corn, tomatoes, and rooted my leftover celery plant. But over there around my lawn I am planning my Botanical garden of beauty. Oh the possibilities!

Here are some of my inspiration gardens.

Tone on Tone’s Southern Living Garden

The hostas, the boxwoods, the lawn- everything is perfect and eye capturing! Even the red of the bricks brings everything together.

Tone on Tone Southern Living Garden

This inspires me to have a white and green garden of my own!

The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho

After researching gardens, I found a beautiful book for sale at a whopping $48.00 on a master garden designer,  Fernando Caruncho. I dug a little more and his gardens can truly be called amazing.

The beauty of all the green surrounded my the golden foliage is remarkable. I can’t really see myself doing this, personally, unless I had a good bit more of land to just waste on a design. But Im sure there is something in this we might be able to emulate on a smaller scale.

The irises and the topiaries are wonderful. They almost seem as though they are holding up the valley off to the left on a retaining wall.

This is a little more our territory! Beautiful work.





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