Chicks on the Farm

So, this is Buttercup. She is our cornish X who broke a leg as a pullet, healed, but stayed small and speckly. She ended up half the size of the other chickens her age, so I decided to keep her. Unfortunately, she was sat on by an un-named child (why do they do these things?) and she broke a leg again. I’m not sure how well she is going to recuperate from this one or where it happened, if its a femur fracture or what. We have been trying to nurse her back to health- we had her in the brooder again for a week but then we needed it for the new chicks we got.
We ended up moving her to the chicken run and closing it in with food and water during the day. If we left her out- she would be nothing but the local rooster prostitute since she was easy to mount and always laying down. It was sad.
She can stand on the leg but not really get around. I keep praying she does better. I sure to love the critter.



We got some new chicks, also! We got a white and black Jersey Giant (one is a pullet and one is a small chick) as well as a Polish, a Silky, a Spitzhauben appenzeller and a couple others. Our white Jersey Giant and our Spitzhauben are… um…. special needs. The Jersey Giant is a complete and total spaz, and it looks like the Spitzhauben has Crook Neck. Ive been giving them vitamins, but Im not really sure if the Spitzhauben will be making it. We will see. They both apparently were not thriving as well straight out of the eggs.

Below is our new Polish, “Betty” Named after my grandmother, who is polish and naturally blond with tender eyes.Polish chick


Here, Jacob is holding the Black Jersey Giant chick. She should give us some nice eggs someday!Jacobchick

We decided to name the white frizzle Cochin Bantam rooster ‘Farley’ because he looks so much like Chris Farley. Hes so funny, and the Frizzle hen is his favorite girl on the farm. They are a pair. He has a very nice crow, and a very royal demeanor!


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