How to Deep Clean the Kitchen With Flour

This may come as a surprise to you, but you can deep clean just about anything with flour, and I am about to show you how! It’s very quick to set up and there are a lot of benefits to the method. One of the wonderful things about this method, is that it is done with help! Help, did I say? Yes! You will have help with this! Isn’t that wonderful to hear?

How to clean with flour


The effectiveness of deep cleaning with flour is your on-the-spot quick allocating of time for this project. This tutorial is for tile or strong hardwood floor kitchens, but it can work for laminate floors and linoleum, too. This is NOT something you plan for day-of, but you can plan prior-to with the following items…

  • Broom and deep dust pan
  • Mr Clean (lemon fresh is my favorite)
  • Large hard bristle broom or brush
  • Large bowl
  • Warm water
  • Trash bag
  • Lots…. and lots… AND LOTS…. of flour
  • Kids (any amount can achieve a desirable effect)

I wasn’t able to take a during picture for this tutorial, because when I started on the project I KNEW I needed 5 mommy minutes to meditate- eyes closed- and pray…. fervently, as well as guzzle a good, strong cup of coffee. Caffeine really helps. You have to embed yourself fullheartedly into the mindset when your DKFC (Deep Kitchen Flour Cleaning) is arranged. If you meditate and pray, beforehand, you will find yourself prepared fully to commit or otherwise, be committed (to a hospital that is. Yes it is that serious, for some people).

The first thing you need to do is finish washing the floor and counters and cupboards, preferably the night before but any time within the past 24 hours is sufficient.  Know that deep cleaning with flour is the best way to make sure you have reached every missed nook and cranny you ever washed.

Then, make sure you fed the kids and that they are ready for the next project. Get them started on that, and go do something that has to get done. Following is a list of examples:

  • Running out to the car to grab some trash or items you left in there you needed
  • Starting a load of laundry and transferring the wet clothes over to the dryer and a clean load onto a couch or other folding area
  • Checking the news on your laptop
  • Going to the bathroom and wiping the counters briefly down afterwards

Mind you, these are just examples. There are thousands of ways you can jump start, but I’m sure this will be the easiest part.

Next walk into the kitchen. If you are a large family as we are, you probably already know how to deep clean with flour as you have probably already done it at least once. If you are a newer large family and have not yet done this method- don’t worry. You will. It happens to us all.

As you enter into the kitchen you will first notice the music in the air. It’s sounds of giggling. Yes! Your helpers have already started and are almost completely done setting everything up for you! Isn’t this wonderful? They have made sure that every nook and cranny of the kitchen floor, lower cabinets and sometimes the windowsills and counters have been prepared for the deep clean.

Think of flour as a highlighting pen. It shows you all the sticky areas on your floor you didn’t know where there. It gets into all the little spaces you didn’t know existed and forces you to concentrate on those areas. How cool is that?

Pre-deep cleaning

Don’t forget to meditate at this point. Yes- the mountain looks too high to climb and your emotions are at an all time high, but prayer helps. So does throwing your arms in the air and yelling, “OH WELL!” Give into it.

At this point I wash my ‘helpers’ and lock  secure them in a room with suitable toys to distract them. They may have already attempted to start the rest of the project without you with a broom however the rest of the project is done without them, otherwise the quality of the deep clean may be jeopardized.

Whatever you do, do not use a vacuum.


You may use the vacuum towards the end of sweeping but it’s undesirable to vacuum large amounts of flour unless you want to gum up the vacuum filters. The same goes for deep cleaning with down feathers (but that will be another article).


Get out your stiff push broom and pan and start to gently encourage the mounds of flour into a central heap in the middle of the kitchen. Throw away the flour in a garbage bag as well as the sack of flour used for this project. In my case, we only used 1/2 a 25lb bag of flour since I had used the rest already.

Cleaning items

After a majority of it has been swept and thrown in the garbage, you may finish up more of the minute flour with a softer broom. Be sure to get up as much as possible.

Next, fill a large bowl with warm water and Mr Clean. Rinse off the bristle brush (mine is detached from it’s stick) and have some towels ready. Pour some of the cleaner water onto the floor and start scrubbing with both hands. Be sure to run with the grout lines with long scrubbing motions to scrub all the flour from the grout as well as the edges of the moldings and baseboards.

Start at one side of the room and work yourself backward, pushing the dirty water towards you into a pile. As it gets cloudy and dirty mop it up with the towel and finish off drying the areas you just scrubbed.

Flour chair

In situations such as this, where flour has efficiently reached those hard-to-clean areas, you may use a vacuum and then finish off with the brush.


When you are done, make sure you went over wet spots with a towel and your kitchen should look like this. Be sure to go back over it and check for any flour you might have missed. Chances are, you got most of the flour up… as well as dried-on cheerios, any dust or dirt you didn’t know was in that nook or cranny, sticky spots, and your sliding door tracks are clean as new!

After all this is done, you might just check the refrigerator to see if that needs to be deep cleaned, too, like mine did.


Now you are ready for the next deep cleaning project your helpers have probably been working on while you finished the kitchen!


For those who haven’t caught on- one does not intentionally set out to clean anything with flour, however kids love to play in it and eventually we all walk into a flour disaster at one time or another! This post was meant to make light of the cleanup that occurs afterward because, I will tell you- when you first happen upon the scene one of two things happens:

1.) You fall into a heaped mass of noodly flesh and sob

2.) You reach for the camera and make sure to document

Before pictures did not happen because I was not about my right mind at the time and sent them to someone who was to deal with the 4 and 2 yr old ‘helpers’ so that I could concentrate on the job to come. The cleanup took about an hour to finish and now I have half a gallon of flour milk to make something out of.

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD, “Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They will be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18

Quick Tip: Extendable Painting Rods for Brooms



I don’t know how I stumbled onto this idea- I think it was when the handle to the broom broke for the umpteenth time and I grabbed the first pole out of our collection of handles/poles to use, instead. I have found out that I really, REALLY love this! This pole is something you can buy from Lowes or Home Depot, and it’s an extendable painter’s pole. There is USUALLY foam at the top (Jude has lovingly taken that off for me, thank you Jude) for easier handling, but midway there is a button which allows the pole to collapse into itself to make it shorter or longer. this is REALLY great for reaching under the table, or for accommodating littler kids so they can help out!
This has proven to be invaluable for the younger kids, as a long broom is tedious to maneuver. It’s also SO MUCH easier to store! You can put this in a space that doesn’t require a lot of headroom. The metallic structure allows it to be more durable and disinfected.
I might just do this for our mops, too!

Fun Things To Do On A Date

A couple of things to consider doing on date with your husband, if you are anything like me:
1.) Start leaking saline out your eyes glancing at the small child at the table next to yours, remembering when yours were that small. Then proceed to teeder on the verge of bawling when your husband does his best impression of the first ‘cooing’ your eldest made as a baby. Is my mascara running, honey?

2.) Split a meal of a full rack of the BEST BBQ Beef ribs ever with your husband and then proceed to sneak over to tip off the other tables that it’s $15 cheaper to do it that way and you get the SAME amount of food. Have to spread the love!

3.) Smile at the people walking into the bathroom as you toothpick the hunks of meat out of your teeth at the sink. Wipe any stragglers off with a wet paper towel. Hey, it’s better than doing it at your table!

4.) Go into multiple name brand stores with your sweetheart looking for perfume, walking around with a few dozen perfume paper tabs in both hands. You can use them as trading cards, later.

5.) Force your husband to try on every hat in Banana Republic because they are fun and laugh as he adds an accent for each one.

6.) Have fun watching the blood drain out of people’s faces as you tell them you both have 8 kids. (My personal favorite)

7.) Drink 4 cups of strong coffee at various places. It helps to break down those ribs you ate earlier.

8.) Troubleshoot conflicts at home remotely on the phone with your babysitting elders using power terms like ‘Treats‘ and ‘Best Behavior” and ‘Grounded Forever‘.

9.) Discuss lots of things you normally cant talk about with your husband because 3 words are way too many to say in a row without an interruption while at home.

10.) Bring home leftover ribs (yes, there were leftovers!) for the winning babysitting child who endured the torture of other siblings for the evening on behalf of grateful parents.

Aren’t date nights, fun?



Spring is Here

Happy April! And for those of you in the Pacific Northwest, repeat after me:

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Now every time a raindrop falls, repeat that over and over knowing that it will be true! For those of us who are super looking forward to the ability to press that shovel into the dirt (not mud- dirt), our time will soon be here. There are many plant options for us for our wet environment to take advantage of.
Our zone is screaming blooms right now, and the best part is- you don’t even really need a plan to be able to have a beautiful garden with color and form. This is a great time to tackle weeds before they head out. The dandelions are already peeking, and before long white fluffy heads of headaches will be floating in the air looking for places to make their home.

If you are starting your own garden anew, sometimes trying to figure out how to make everything seem full and fresh and come together can be daunting. The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in. Large bushes and trees and flowers around smaller ones. By spreading everything out your garden can look barren and scrawny and is more likely to allow weeds to grow tall and stretch out to spread.

The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in.

Linden Hill Gardens


“The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in.”



You can even take cuttings of your favorite more expensive plants to propagate your own! Sometimes all it takes is a little dirt and some patience to let that cutting form it’s roots (no peeking!). I am going to cover that in another post in the near future, but it’s pretty easy just takes a little time. Before you know it, you have a little clone of your original plant!

This is the time to pull your weeds and prepare the soil for your new garden. Pick up a soil tester to see what the PH is. Different plants need a different PH value, so it’s good to know if you need to stop by the Home & Garden store to pick up some lime to bring down the PH or if you need to toss in some coffee grounds to bring it up higher.

If you are unsure about what plants would work in your area, look around and see if there are any plant and seed swaps locally. In a plant and seed swap, people share leftover or extra plants and seeds they have with other people. This is a great way to learn things you never knew and meet new people, also.

If there isn’t one, consider starting one! Invite all those garden savvy friends of your with the green thumbs, and be sure to take pictures because it’s always interesting to see people with green fingers.

Tips for Pesky Fruit Flies


Fruit Fly Jar



One thing we always seem to have laying around is a piece of fruit. We buy tons of fruit as quick snacks for the kids and with them comes the dreaded fruit flies. Along side our fruity kids we have a fruity parrot, ‘Kitty’ (he meows) who is a nectar eater and breeds fruit flies in his cage for a living. So as the swarms get thicker, out comes the home remedies for dealing with them!

All you need is:
-Plastic Baggie
– small piece of fruit
– Apple cider vinegar
– Rubber band or string

Put the small piece of preferably ripe fruit inside the jar with tbsp of Apple cider vinegar.
Invert a corner of the plastic baggie and poke a smallish hole through the middle. Fit that tightly over the jar with the inside out cone centralized in the middle but not touching the bottom and put the rubber band around the outside edge.
If you have a round ring for canning you can put this on too. The flies will crawl in but they can’t figure out how to get out!

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