Such a Know it All.

I love coffee. Coffee to me is the daily downloading of the other half of my physical self, but it does have strange side effects.
Side effects like- after the fog of the morning wears off and the coffee kicks in I get this BURST of sudden gumption to get everything done, do everything! I’m going to fix this, work on that, get rid of this, start doing more of these things and all in about 30 seconds not only do I have my lifetime figured out, relationship issues figured out, the answer to world peace and hunger- but also the answers to everything in existence is temporarily revealed to me.
The drawback is that another side effect isĀ  that I’m only able to remember about .065% of that within the 31st second after that.
It’s gone, never happened, move along.

Fleeting thoughts are a terrible thing, sometimes.

Baby Stuff!

All of my kids liked different things when they were babies. I only had 2 pacifier babies and the rest were thumb suckers, which has been awful because at least you can take away a pacifier! One of the cutest gifts we got for Jude when he was born, was his WubbaNub Monkey Pacifier. It was the cutest thing ever and when I was carrying him in my wrap I would tuck the monkey into it so the pacifier wouldn’t fall out of his mouth and onto the ground. I have to say, the monkey was the best looking monkey I had seen, yet. He grew out of the pacifier at around 7 mos but I still love his WubbaNub! I’ve had a bunch of people ask me where we got ours, and I tell them it was a gift- but I found a whole lot of them and they are really pretty affordable! Here is Jude with his.


They have so many to choose from! Luv My Bag has so many great ones to choose from, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff ! Click below to see.

WubbaNub Monkey



My back yardToday as I was driving home with a couple of other chicks (yes really- the poultry kind) I passed a church with a board that read: “God Knows How To Forget Sins”. It made me think about how we don’t. We try to, but ultimately we not only hold people to their wrong doings but also ourselves- even if an apology or amends were made and it was given over to God. We might forgive- but we don’t forget, and sometimes those things can run over and over in our minds like a broken record relentlessly.

Immediately a picture popped into my head.

Could you imagine walking into a store being reminded of all the things you once owed them? Every cereal bag, carton of milk, eggs, flour, everything- as if you never bought it. Holding over your head everything you ever purchased as if you never spent a dime.

But… that was paid for. All of that was paid for.” Do you still owe for those things?

That is what Jesus has done for us. When we accept Him as our savior and confess our sins genuinely, our tab is payed- in full- owing nothing. We do not need to revisit that debt as still owing. We also need to do the same for others.

The same cross paid their tab, too.

Sunflare Kisser

Emma kissing Sunshine

Emma is the only one I know who could effectively kiss a sunflare. This gal has talent. She was almost 3 here and had tried cutting her own bangs. She cut half almost to her head, so we just matched the other side. It had a vintage feel about it and was fun to take pictures of. Keep kissing that sunshine, honey.

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