Flying critters

Ever seen the inside of a Mud Dobber wasp nest? This was attached to the light bulb in our chicken coop (that was used as a goat pen). I had the light on for a while yesterday so… I think they are probably fried which is why I didn’t mind holding it. I wont mention how I psyched myself out a little and dropped it later when I swore it buzzed inside.



Spring is Here

Happy April! And for those of you in the Pacific Northwest, repeat after me:

“April Showers Bring May Flowers”

Now every time a raindrop falls, repeat that over and over knowing that it will be true! For those of us who are super looking forward to the ability to press that shovel into the dirt (not mud- dirt), our time will soon be here. There are many plant options for us for our wet environment to take advantage of.
Our zone is screaming blooms right now, and the best part is- you don’t even really need a plan to be able to have a beautiful garden with color and form. This is a great time to tackle weeds before they head out. The dandelions are already peeking, and before long white fluffy heads of headaches will be floating in the air looking for places to make their home.

If you are starting your own garden anew, sometimes trying to figure out how to make everything seem full and fresh and come together can be daunting. The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in. Large bushes and trees and flowers around smaller ones. By spreading everything out your garden can look barren and scrawny and is more likely to allow weeds to grow tall and stretch out to spread.

The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in.

Linden Hill Gardens


“The key is to group the plants together and use the rule of 3’s or or triangles to draw the eye in.”



You can even take cuttings of your favorite more expensive plants to propagate your own! Sometimes all it takes is a little dirt and some patience to let that cutting form it’s roots (no peeking!). I am going to cover that in another post in the near future, but it’s pretty easy just takes a little time. Before you know it, you have a little clone of your original plant!

This is the time to pull your weeds and prepare the soil for your new garden. Pick up a soil tester to see what the PH is. Different plants need a different PH value, so it’s good to know if you need to stop by the Home & Garden store to pick up some lime to bring down the PH or if you need to toss in some coffee grounds to bring it up higher.

If you are unsure about what plants would work in your area, look around and see if there are any plant and seed swaps locally. In a plant and seed swap, people share leftover or extra plants and seeds they have with other people. This is a great way to learn things you never knew and meet new people, also.

If there isn’t one, consider starting one! Invite all those garden savvy friends of your with the green thumbs, and be sure to take pictures because it’s always interesting to see people with green fingers.

Golf Club Gardening


We had the privilege to attend a close friend’s wedding this past weekend and it was so beautiful! At first it was rainy and dreary but just in time for the reception at the Oregon Gold Club– the clouds break, and the sun comes out! Even a few rainbows graced the scenery. I couldn’t help but take pictures of the beautiful garden they had. Everything was so fresh and clean and green. It really was a great day for a wedding!


Roses in a row at the Oregon Golf Club


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