Backing it up!

judebackIt’s so nice outside, in the Pacific Northwest! Jude has gotten to the point where he’s mobile but not independent enough to be put down outside. What the frontier women did when they had to work in the fields is beyond me. I have a backback frame but last time I used it the baby was very uncomfortable and it was in the way of everything.
So, I researched some more reliable ways of carrying baby arms free and figured they had to be doing something right in Africa because they go everywhere!

Here we are with my new back carrier (aka a pool towel) and he is so happy! The only downside is I’m busty and need probably another 3″ of fabric to feel like I dont have to re-tuck, as well as he super enjoys pulling the small hairs at the base of my head, snapping my bra straps, and scratching my shoulders as well as blowing raspberries and drooling all over my back.

Ill show how I wrap this later, but so far um- yeah! I like this better than my other options!

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