Baby Stuff!

All of my kids liked different things when they were babies. I only had 2 pacifier babies and the rest were thumb suckers, which has been awful because at least you can take away a pacifier! One of the cutest gifts we got for Jude when he was born, was his WubbaNub Monkey Pacifier. It was the cutest thing ever and when I was carrying him in my wrap I would tuck the monkey into it so the pacifier wouldn’t fall out of his mouth and onto the ground. I have to say, the monkey was the best looking monkey I had seen, yet. He grew out of the pacifier at around 7 mos but I still love his WubbaNub! I’ve had a bunch of people ask me where we got ours, and I tell them it was a gift- but I found a whole lot of them and they are really pretty affordable! Here is Jude with his.


They have so many to choose from! Luv My Bag has so many great ones to choose from, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff ! Click below to see.

WubbaNub Monkey


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