Angelina Ballerina Cake Time!

Today is Emmalia’s Birthday, and I’m making her a cake. Around this house, Birthday cakes are a bit of a ‘You-think-it-up-and-ill-make-it’ deal. I would rather spend $50 on the ingredients and decorations to make a cake than to have one specially made for us! However, luckily it usually isnt anywhere near that price since I make a fondant icing out of Marshmellow Puff and Powdered sugar. Coloring is anywhere from $1.50 and up at the local craft store and the Gum paste varies also.

Since I am very pregnant (Due in just over a month, woohoo!) and this is very hard on my back, I havent been documenting every step, but I’ll show you the finished masterpiece! Emma wanted an Angelina Ballerina cake and so we searched online and she really liked this one.

Angelina Ballerina Head

The body was made of gum paste and food coloring and I started out making the head.


Unfortunately, I ran out of powdered sugar and the fondant started to melt on the cake, haha! But alas- My Emmalia didnt care because her ballerina was ‘perfect’ for her.

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